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Beth Jacob Congregation

The Shabbos Project San Diego Schedule

Oct 24Shabbos Night 

  • 5:45 PM - Candle Lighting                                
  • 5:45 PM - Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat  (Afternoon and "Receiving" Shabbat Services)    
  • 8:45 to 10:15 PM - Oneg Shabbos @ Rabbi's house  (Informal joyous gathering)     
Oct 25 - Shabbos Day - Celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of Yehoshua Moskowitz
  • 8:45 AM - Shacharis (Morning Service)                                        
  • 11:45 AM - Bar Mitzvah Celebratory Kiddush for all                               
  • 12:30 PM - Shabbos Project Class w/ Rabbi Bogopulsky: "Identifying the Neshama Yeseira - The Extra Soul of the Sabbath"    
  • 1:15 PM - Spectacular Shabbos Lunch Catered by "The Grille" with Zemiros (Singing) led by Rabbi Pinny Roth
  • 4:30 PM - Afternoon Class w/ Rabbi Bogopulsky: "Spice and Spirit of Shabbos"      
  • 5:25 PM - Mincha (Afternoon Service)
  • 5:50 PM - Shalosh Seudos (The 3rd Meal)
  • 6:45 PM - Shabbos Ends - Maariv  (Evening Service)
  • 7:30 PM - "Havdalah/Melave Malka Experience" 
Havdalah (Hebrew: הַבְדָּלָה, meaning 'separation') is a Jewish religious ceremony that marks the symbolic end of Shabbat and Jewish holidays, and ushers in the new week. The ritual involves lighting a special havdalah candle with several wicks, blessing a cup of wine and smelling sweet spices.[1] Shabbat ends on Saturday night after the appearance of three stars in the sky.[2] Some communities delay the Havdalah in order to prolong Shabbat.
Melaveh Malkah (Hebrewמלווה מלכּה‎, lit. "Escorting the Queen") is the name of a meal that, as per halakha, is customarily held by Jews after their Sabbath (Shabbat), in other words, on Saturday evening. The intent of the meal (accompanied with singing) is to figuratively escort the "Sabbath Queen" (the traditional metaphor for Shabbat in Jewish liturgy) on her way out via singing and eating, as one would escort a monarch upon his departure from a city. This meal is alternatively called "the fourth meal."


Welcome to Beth Jacob San Diego

Beth Jacob is an exciting, full-service Orthodox synagogue, in the heart of San Diego. We are a shul that strives to engage our members in areas of chesed, Torah study, and communal activism. Beth Jacob is a resource for every member's full life events from birth, to bar and bat mitzvah, marriage, and to comfort those in times of need. 

Click here for Membership information.

Our community, of some one hundred fifty plus families, consists of many Shomer Shabbos, Shomer Mitzvos families as well as those that are less observant. 

With many more participants in our religious, educational, cultural and social activities, we are proud to be "the Orthodox Synagogue for all Jews". We are a diverse community, welcoming of all religious backgrounds.

A few unique features of the synagogue are: a large Beit Medrash program; bi-weekly Lunch and Learn classes; a community Kelim and Women's mikvah; singles programs; lifecycle and family education; adult and youth enrichment programs; communal holiday gatherings, scholar in residence programs and a daily senior citizens progam Monday through Friday.

Beth Jacob Congregation, affiliated with the OU and NCSY, is one of the premier outreach institutions in the county, offering Shabbat hospitality, ongoing chesed activities, and parallel Beginning and Learning Services.

We invite you to experience Beth Jacob and San Diego. We have an open door policy and pride ourselves on our warm and friendly atmosphere. Please visit our congregation and enjoy our site.

Beth Jacob is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year and looks forward to serving San Diego's Jewish community for many years to come.

Beth Jacob Congregation 

4855 College Ave. S.D., CA 92115

    TEL: 619-287-9890 EMAIL:           


Sat, 25 October 2014 1 Cheshvan 5775