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Legacy Giving - Join the "Chai Legacy Circle"

It's Better to Give and Receive

You can provide for your children and grandchildren and still leave a legacy for your Beth Jacob family. Ask us how!

What is the Chai Legacy Circle?

The Chai Legacy Circle is a group of individuals who are dedicated to the future success of Beth Jacob Congregation.


Becoming a member of the Chai Legacy Circle is easy:

  • Commit to provide a gift for Beth Jacob through your will or another aspect of your estate plan* or life insurance policy. Please contact Executive Director Jeffrey Frankel at 619-287-9890 (option 1, option 4,)  or email

* Are you age 72 or older? Did you know you may exclude from your taxable income any IRA funds up to $100,000 that have been withdrawn and transferred to a charity when filing a tax return.  The rollover provision is a powerful and unique way to support Beth Jacob. Please consult your tax advisor or for the most current information

The program is founded on the principle that all of us, regardless
of age, wealth or affiliation, can make an enduring impact.
Rabbi Adam and Chava Simon:

"If we would have known how quick and easy joining the Chai Legacy Circle would be, we would have done it a long time ago. It literally took about 10 seconds to complete the form and there is no dollar-amount commitment associated with joining - it was just about putting in writing what is already in our hearts and on our minds: Beth Jacob is a huge part of our lives and we value what our shul provides for our family and community. Because of this, we support Beth Jacob by showing up as well as by making financial contributions. If, Chas Ve Shalom, we'd be gone tomorrow, we'd want to make sure that Beth Jacob still had our support. Don't think we're being entirely altruistic, we're also doing this for our own children. In a way, we look at including Beth Jacob in our estate as a gift to our children and future generations. In the same way that it is the responsible thing to do to prepare your estate for your children so that they are taken care of, we see it as the responsible thing to do to ensure that we leave our shul to the next generation. Also, on a separate note, by joining the Chai Legacy Circle, we are making a statement that we value Beth Jacob. This statement gives a great chizuk to our Rabbis, Executive Director, lay leaders, and others who put their heart and soul into ensuring that Beth Jacob thrives. We love these people, want to be able to strengthen them in any way we can, and want to tell them, loud and clear, that we value what they do and appreciate it immensely. We look at joining the Legacy Circle as a privilege. Thank you!"

DECLARATION OF INTENT (Click to download)
Form Instructions


Chai Legacy Circle Committee Members

Rand Levin, HIllary Kleinman, Leopoldo Kahn

Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784