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ZOOM Virtual Shul

In person davening and programming is suspended until further notice.

Please click here to access links to our ZOOM online broadcasts of Davening services and Classes.

Tevilas Keilim

In light of the possible Coronavirus risk, our keli mikva is closed and off limits. There are a number of solutions for the halachic problem arising from the purchase of new keilim requiring tevila:
• If the item has not yet been purchased, one may have in mind not to assume ownership, even when delivered and used. • Those with access to the ocean may tovel the items in the ocean or bays directly connected to the ocean.

• If there is a non-Jewish housekeeper in the house, one may physically hand it over as a gift and then ask to borrow it. This leniency is temporary until circumstances allow repossessing the item and taking it for tevila.

• HEFKER means a declaration renouncing ownership of the item. An ownerless item does not require tevila. To accomplish this the current owner must declare to three people (including two non-related kosher witnesses) simultaneously via a conferencing method that he/she is renouncing ownership of the item. Once a mikvah is available a tevila must be done. 

• Disposable items are fine under current circumstances, but where tevila is necessary the above mentioned methods may be relied upon. 

Beth Jacob Closed Until Further Notice

Due to concerns related to the Coronavirus, Beth Jacob Congregation has made the difficult decision to cancel all services and programming until further notice. Next update Thursday.


Adar 19, 5780 - March 15, 2020

Dear Beth Jacob Family,

Thank you for all your continued support and togetherness, even when not in person. 

First things first. With extremely heavy hearts, Beth Jacob will remain closed this week. We will reassess on Thursday to let you know if we are reopening for Shabbos. This is being done in accordance with halacha that says we need to take care of ourselves, “U'shmartem es nafshoseichem” and that we must follow the guidance of health officials.

Clarifications on the restrictions:

1. The Weintraub Children's Park and the Beit Midrash are closed as well. The on-site preschool has been informed. Officials world-wide are saying that we need to distance ourselves from each other and not crossover between cohorts (friend and family groups). If anyone needs to get their belongings from Shul, that is ok, but please gather your belongings and exit the building. 

2. We understand that, with good intentions, there are those who have suggested making small independent minyanim. This is also prohibited. The statistics say that we are only extending the spread of the virus by joining together in crossover groups.  "V'Ahavta Lereiacha Kamocha" (treat your friend as you would treat yourself) dictates we must daven in our homes beyichidus (alone).

While it's true, the facility is closed, that doesn't mean our community has ceased to exist. We are diligently working on a way to bring as many of our classes to you online and/or on the phone as possible (maybe even a few more). We are striving to have the technology set by Tuesday.

In continuing to serve and ease the burden on the community, we are having a Moishe's Pizza and More "take-out" this Thursday night. 4:00-7:00pm. Please call Moses with your orders ahead of time: 619-817-5914. Remember, there is no dining-in. All orders are to go. 

Lang's Bakery is temporarily offering direct sales to the public. To order Challah, Bagels, Breads, Pastries, etc., call 619-280-5264 by noon for pickup the next day.  

Additionally, please reach out to others via phone, text, Whatsapp, email, to make that human connection. As we write this, the Governor of California has announced that people age 65 and older should remain home. That means the rest of us, under the age of 65 need to help those who are homebound. Think food, prescriptions, supplies, etc. If you need phone numbers, please call the office and we will provide what we have. Office hours will be 9:00am to 1:00pm this week.  

If you know of any community members who don't have email and may not see this message, please share the information with them.

Of course, continue with good hygiene habits:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water
  • Use hand sanitizer when washing isn't an option
  • Cover your sneezes and coughs with a tissue and dispose of it
  • When you have to go out, keep your distance from people (6-ft at a minimum)

This is a great opportunity to take good care of ourselves and others. Don't hesitate to reach out to us or your fellow community members during this time. May HaShem bring complete refuah to those who are ill.

Rabbi Avram Bogopulsky
Rabbi Yoni Danzger
Philip Silverman, President
Rand Levin, Executive Director

Welcome to Beth Jacob Congregation

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Beth Jacob Congregation
4855 College Ave. S.D., CA 92115

Beth Jacob is an exciting, full-service Orthodox synagogue, in the heart of San Diego. We are a shul that strives to engage our members in areas of chesed, Torah study, and communal activism. Beth Jacob is a resource for every member's full life events from birth, to bar and bat mitzvah, marriage, and to comfort those in times of need. 

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Homes for sale within the College Area Eruv.

Our welcoming community, of some one hundred fifty plus families, consists of many Shomer Shabbos, Shomer Mitzvos families as well as those that are less observant. 

With many more participants in our religious, educational, cultural and social activities, we are proud to be "the Orthodox Synagogue for all Jews". We are a diverse community, welcoming of all religious backgrounds.

A few unique features of the synagogue are: a large Beit Medrash program; bi-weekly Lunch and Learn classes; a community Kelim and Women's mikvah; singles programs; lifecycle and family education; adult and youth enrichment programs; communal holiday gatherings, scholar in residence programs and daily programs for older adults, Monday through Friday.

Beth Jacob Congregation, a proud member synagogue of the Orthodox Union, is one of the premier outreach institutions in the county, offering Shabbat hospitality, ongoing chesed activities, and parallel Beginning and Learning Services.

We invite you to experience Beth Jacob and San Diego. We have an open door policy and pride ourselves on our warm and friendly atmosphere. Please visit our congregation and enjoy our site.

Beth Jacob has been serving San Diego's Jewish community since 1939 and looks forward to doing so for many years to come.          

Sun, April 5 2020 11 Nisan 5780