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The 2016 Shabbos Project is taking place November 10/11/12 in over 900 cities around the world.
Beth Jacob San Diego is an official partner of The Shabbos Project and Shabbat San Diego.
We're offering complimentary housing and meals to those guests who commit to keeping a full Shabbat with us in our community. Everyone is welcome at Beth Jacob each and every Shabbos. However, to be eligible for the complimentary accommodations and meals during The Shabbos Project, participants agree to keeping the entire glorious Shabbat. 

Guest participants will enjoy "home hospitality" with Beth Jacob members for Friday night dinner. We are planning a communal Shabbos day lunch at shul that is free for Guest Participants and the hosts who signed them up. The 3rd meal (Shalosh Seudos) is complimentary to all who come, each and every Shabbos.

The form below is for Guests as well as Beth Jacob College Area hosts who can house and/or feed Shabbos Project participants. 

Click on these links to download helpful guides to Keeping Shabbos Together:

  1. The Shabbos Project Toolkit 
  2. The Shabbos Project Unofficial Guide 


Additional ways to participate in The Shabbos Project (Click on item to register):

1. Mega Challah Make for Women and Girls on Thursday, November 10th at 5:30pm

2.  SOLD OUT!  Shabbos Project Communal Lunch on November 12th   SOLD OUT!

3. Shabbat San Diego Havdalah Concert - November 12th 

Scroll Down for Shabbos Project sign up form.

Agreement and Sign-up Form

By checking this box, I am agreeing to adhere to the requirements of The Shabbos Project.

1. Together we will  keep the Shabbat of 11/12 November from sundown to stars out. 

2. We will keep it in its entirety, in all of its halachic detail and splendor as it has been kept throughout the ages.

3. Its rhythm will unite us with each other, with Jews around the world and throughout the ages.

4. On this day we will create a warm and loving space, holding our families together.

5. On this day we will lay down the burdens, distractions, demands and pressures of daily life.

6. On this day we will renew ourselves, emerging spiritually, emotionally and physically invigorated.

7. On this day we will own our precious heritage, wearing it as a badge of pride and honor.

8. Together we embark on this great adventure to rediscover our G-d-given gift of Shabbat.


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