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Throughout the year we share many activities and events. Here are some highlights:

  • Yom Kippur Break the Fast Event
  • October: Sukkot Dinner, BOOMERS, Simchas Beis Hasheva, Women's Challah Bake, The Shabbos Project
  • November: Scholar-In-Residence Prof. Chaim Ben David Nov. 22, Hebrew Reading Crash Course, Cholent Cook-off
  • December: Scholar in residence Solly Hess Dec. 6/7, Chanukah Party Dec. 22,
  • January: T.E.A.M. Shabbos Jan. 10
  • February: Scholar-In-Residence Rabbi Ari Kahn Feb. 15
  • March: Scholar-In-Residence Rabbi Yoel Gold March 21, Purim Party,
  • April: Community Seder (1st night) 
  • May: Shavuos Dinner
  • June: Beth Jacob Annual Picnic
  • July: Summer SEED Program
  • August: (TBA)
Wed, December 8 2021 4 Teves 5782